Publication of seven articles in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases

Over the past six years, NIDIAG has tried to bridge the gap between innovation and practice in the diagnosis of neglected tropical diseases. The scientists have now published a set a seven articles in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, which describe the specific challenges, propose solutions and provide working documents for implementing quality assured clinical research into neglected tropical diseases.

Read the press release here.

Final Consortium meeting, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The final Consortium meeting will held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, on 14-16 March 2016. This meeting will gather together all NIDIAG Partners and will be the opportunity to present and discuss the latest progresses made in NIDIAG, to review the project as a whole and to discuss the possibilities for the future.

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The aim of the NIDIAG project is improve the quality of NID care at primary health care level in resource-poor settings.

The major objectives of the NIDIAG consortium are:

  • To develop and validate an integrated syndromic approach based on diagnosis treatment algorithms for three NID-related clinical syndromes frequently encountered in primary care settings, namely the persistent fever syndrome (at least 2 week duration), the neurological syndrome, and the intestinal syndrome.
  • To develop novel diagnostic platforms/assays tailored to specific epidemiological contexts at primary care level in NID-endemic settings
  • To document the cost-saving and increased efficacy of this integrated syndromic approach for the clinical management of NID, and produce recommendations to policy makers for its broad implementation